Our Latest Menu
Snapper Goujons (2) Crispy beer battered snapper w/ gem lettuce salad
with Soba noodles & pickled condiments
Lightly Beer Battered Zuchinni Flowers w/ 5 Cheese mousse filling
Moroccan Lamb Skewers w/ Rocket mint pesto, smoked chipotle aioli
Individually served with wombok slaw, sesame mayo and pineapple salsa. Choose from: BBQ Duck and Mushroom Ragu/Beer Battered Snapper/Karaage Chicken/BBQ Jackfruit (vegan)
Served sliced to share (200g) with potato gratin, broccolini and bone marrow jus. | Gluten Free |
with sauteed truffled mushrooms, garlic, sage, pine nuts, rocket and fetta. | Vegetarian |
with garlic parsley butter and lemon
Served with Sofrito sauce, rocket mint pesto, grilled ciabatta
Crumbed Olives with smoked potato aioli. | Vegetarian |
Sautéed Edamame Beans with chili, garlic, shallot and sesame oil. | Vegetarian | Gluten Free | Vegan |
Polenta Chips with wasabi mayo. | Vegetarian | Gluten Free |
Garden Pea and Pecorino Arancini with roast capsicum, black bean and corn salsa, chipotle aioli. (2 pieces) | Vegetarian |
Served with ciabatta, Balsamic & EVO. Add cheese: brie, blue or vintage +$6
With fresh vegetable, organic tofu & rice noodles, sweet chilli. (2 pieces) | Vegetarian |
Karagee Chicken with Japanese mayo, sesame soy maple dippers. | Gluten Free |
Natural oysters with wasabi mayo, wakame salad and salmon roe.
Bacon, garlic and a BBQ Worcestershire sauce
Beer battered oyster with pea pesto & truffle aioli.
Bloody Mary Oyster Shot with Vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire & tabasco.
Served with coconut, chilli, lime, herbs & wonton crisps. | Gluten Free Available |
Served with green chilli, garlic, ginger, coriander, scallions and squid ink vinaigrette. | Gluten Free |
Served with black pepper caramel, steamed rice & scallions. | Gluten Free |
Grilled Ciabatta (4) $4 – GFA $6
| Vegetarian |
Served with Nam Pla Prik dressing, lychees and a sticky peanut crumble. | Vegetarian | Gluten Free |
Steamed then pan tossed. | Vegetarian |
Served with drunken berries and biscotti.
With Vanilla Bean ice-cream and salted caramel sauce
Vanilla ice cream with Espresso coffee.
Vanilla ice cream with Espresso coffee with your choice of liqueur.
Chocolate liqueur blended w Vanilla vodka, Cointreau, Khalua, ice cream & choc sauce
Cheese Board (Choose 3 cheese – Triple Cream Brie, Gorgonzola, Manchago, Aged Cheddar or Meredith Goats Curd) with fresh fruit, drunken apricots, quince paste & crackers.
Shaken or Stirred? Sweet, dry or dirty? Gin or Vodka?
Bundy rim, vodka & triple sec mix with fresh lime ginger beer and mint.
Indulge yourself with Kraken rum, Tia Maria & Vanilla Vodka shaken with lime wedge, mandarin & finished with tonic water.
Get wild with the fusion of Tequila, Midori & passionfruit liqueur with wedges of lime and cloudy apple juice and finished with freshness of mint leaves.
Alcohol Free
The freshness of mint, strawberry & lime mixed with cloudy juice & soda water.
Scotch Whiskey & Cinzano Rosso shaken with few drops of bitters and finish with an orange twist & cherry.
Choice of Whiskey, Bourbon or Rum.
Midori & Malibu mix with pineapple juice and coconut cream on top.
White rum & Malibu blended with coconut cream, fresh pineapple & pineapple juice.
Bacardi rum with fresh mint, muddle lime and sugar shaken and top up with soda.
The best in town!
Vodka and Cointreau shaken with muddle lime and cranberry juice.
Vodka & fresh lime mix with tomato juice, tabasco, salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce to taste.
One of our most popular cocktails! Tequila, orange liqueur shaken with lemon & lime juice serve in a Margarita Glass rim with salt flakes.
Bacardi Rum with Chambord liqueur add the freshness of lime, mints and mix berries shaken with caramel sugar syrup and topped with champagne.
Another twist of the classic Mojito, with the freshness of the passionfruit mix with white Rum, Passionfruit liqueur, fresh lime, mint, shake it with ice and finish with soda water. Very refreshing cocktail to indulge yourself.
Indulge yourself with the flavours of Malibu, Bacardi Rum and mango liqueur blended with pineapple juice, coconut cream and sugar syrup served with a twist of passionfruit.
Spice your day with the mix of Vanilla Absolut, Cointreau and Vanilla Galliano shaken with fresh lime, chilli and coriander with cranberry and apple juice.
The freshness of strawberry and lychee fruit mix with vodka, strawberry liqueur, fresh muddled lime and sugar syrup.
Just like a lemon meringue, a sweet tarty taste with Lemoncello, Vanilla Vodka and Cointreau mix with cloudy apple juice, sour mix and egg white.
A twist of the classic Collins, Elderflower liqueur, Dry Gin and Triple Sec mix with cloudy apple juice, fresh lime and soda water. Gentleman suave.
Peruvian Nacional Cocktail! Pisco spirit mixed with fresh lime & lemon juice, egg white and sugar syrup.
Mozart Chocolate liqueur, Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua and Cointreau blended with vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce, the affair you can share.
Chambord & vanilla infuse vodka shaken with fresh lime and pineapple juice. The perfect French touch.
Alcohol Free
Mixed berries, mango & pineapple blended with orange & pineapple juice.
Alcohol Free
Orange & mango juice blended with mango, pineapple, coconut cream, finished with a touch of passionfruit.
To Share
A delicious and refreshing Classic to share.
To Share
European Classic, Aperol mixed with Prosecco, soda water and a twist of orange.
To Share
Morsels version of the famous Spanish Sangria.
To Share
White wine, vodka, pineapple and cloudy apple juice, fresh fruit and a touch of passionfruit.
Champagne, France
Veuve Elise, France
Granite Belt
Yarra Valley, VIC
Champagne, France
Riverland, S. A.
Elysian Springs, S.A.
Elysian Springs, S.A
Paxton – McLaren Vale, SA
$13 / $54
Paxton – McLaren Vale, SA
Marlborough, NZ
Mount Vernon, Marlborough, NZ
Paxton, McLaren Vale, SA
Jeanneret Wines, Clare Valley
Langhorne Creek, SA
Jeanneret – Clare Valley, S. A.
$14, $58
Chocolate Factory – Zonte’s Footsep, S.A
GSM – Jeanneret Wines, S.A
$13 / $54
Spring Lamb – Elysian Springs, S.A
Pinot Noir
$13 / $54
Bress Silver Chook – Yara Valley & Macedon
Paxton – AAA –  McLaren Vale, SA
Cork Cutters – Barossa, SA
Stella Bella – Margaret River, WA
Paxton – McLaren Vale, SA
Paxton – Quandong –  Mclaren Vale, SA
Vodka – Sweden
Vodka – Sweden
Vodka – France
Vodka – Poland
Gin – England
Gin – Scotland
Gin – Australia
Bourbon – Kentucky
Bourbon – Kentucky
12 Year
Scotch Whiskey
12 Year
Scotch Whiskey
Irish Whiskey
American Whiskey – Tennessee
Canadian Whiskey
Liqueur – Black Sambuca, Amaretto, Vanilla